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Get lost, world!

by Lloyd Davis
tags: hello, world, goodbye

Dave Briggs told me about sheet-posting.

It's insane, but not as insane as I am for using it. It takes information that you enter into a Google Sheets spreadsheet, and turns it into a customizable blog page and valid RSS feed. RSS baby

It also supports Markdown! If it didn't we'd all be in trouble!!!!

A GIF of Bojack Horseman flicking dollar bills

This is MY blog, I edited a spreadsheet to get started. Posts go in the Posts tab, site information goes in the SEO tab, and I have full* control over my site's style in the CSS tab - yay! (I know marginally more about CSS than I do about SEO - "full control" is relative here…)

I'm showing this off to my friends who will doubtless share my blog blogpost by copying the URL that appears in your address bar right now, or use the RSS link at the bottom of the page. make your own but don't tell me about it, I'm not interested in your sheet-posting!

This definitely isn't your blog, make your own and leave me alone!

How many posts can one man make?

by Lloyd Davis
tags: sheet, and more sheet,

Well here's another fine mess you've gotten me into.

Oliver Hardy comes through the window